Our heritage

361° mother company originated in China as a family owned business and for years was a manufacturer of footwear. After the decision was made to build the brand 361° the company grew to become one of the biggest Chinese sports brands leading up to being a key partner in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

361° More than just a brand logo

From the very start of our existence we have been focused on supporting you to go beyond what you expected you could do. And from the first day we wanted to be inclusive, not exclusive. Our goal is to support everyone who wants to go #beyondexpectations, with a special love for people who never thought they’d be able to run a 5K, 10K or a marathon. We do support and sponsor Olympians, top professional athletes and we love working together with them. But we truly want to support everyone who wants to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

That is why we created our ambassador program and recruited a group of people who are everything but ‘ever smiling beautiful millennials on the run’. Our ambassadors are those who weren’t always blessed with much talent, a red carpet sports career or an environment that is perfect for running. Our ambassadors embody #beyondexpectations in many ways. From fat to fit, from zero to 45 days marathon hero, from a patient to multisport monster. Our athletes share their lifestyle and stories not for likes but to motivate and inspire others.

Magic Foam

Every running shoe we create must create a specific experience and help you get faster or go further. Or just make you smile and be happy about your wake-up run! What is so different about our shoes? Magic Foam! Top secret space age material. Decades of development…. Not. We love to explain the dirty details of our products; how they are built and how they work. But in the end we’d rather stop the talking and go run with you. Our company is built around product people with decades of performance footwear experience. People who wanted to build a business around high quality products that work for all sorts of runners. We provide a core range of road-, speed- and trail running shoes, all build with our proprietary technology called ‘QUIKFOAM’. This material was formulated and then molded in a way it gives you longer lasting comfort. And it does. QUIKFOAM is an EVA/Rubber foam combination which is encapsulated so it holds it initial properties longer. Giving you more cushioning for a longer period of time. And yes, to be sure we know what we are talking about; we eat our own dogfood…. every day!


361° started delivering it’s first products in Europe in 2017. By now our products are available in all Western European countries in more than 500 running specialty stores and at 361europe.com. We value the partners who have decided to stock out products. Because just like us they desire to serve their customers well, with a fair product at a fair price. We work closely together with your local running store to support local runs, test events and other things runners do together! Often our ambassadors have a personal local connection instead of thousands of social media followers.

Do you have questions or comments, reach out to us: info@361europe.com