Man on bike wearing helmet

The ABUS GameChanger TT is the ultimate helmet in the battle for watts and seconds. Cycling and triathlon pros are already using the new high-end helmet. Now, age groupers and amateurs can equip themselves for new personal bests as well. The ABUS GameChanger TT is now available in stores.

The ABUS GameChanger has raised the benchmark of aero helmets to a new level: Its multi-position design, which offers optimal aerodynamics regardless of head tilt, is a real game changer. Now the aero helmet has been specially modified to meet the demands of triathletes and time trialists. The result is a time trial helmet that doesn’t compromise on performance and comfort.

Together with the Movistar Team, time trial experts around Fabian Cancellara and Hanka Kupfernagel as well as triathlon professionals such as the three-time Ironman winner and winner of the Challenge Roth 2018 Daniela Bleymehl, the ABUS GameChanger TT was trimmed to a perfect flow in the wind tunnel. The helmet shell has been aerodynamically optimized and tilted more backwards. This innovative helmet design reduces the surface area of the wind and generates an aerodynamically more favourable fit in the neck with closing the gap to the back. With the new side panels and the mid-length tail, the air flow is perfectly directed.

Aerodynamics is a lot, but not everything.

With its performance, the ABUS GameChanger TT is among the best in the world. But the new time trial helmet should not only shine in the wind tunnel, but also make aerodynamics suitable for everyday use. Because athletes know countless situations in which a static aero position cannot be maintained. It’s known among the pros that aerodynamics can only provide a boost in performance when combined with comfort. That’s why the real game changers are often in the details: The unique multi-position design of the GameChanger TT forgives head movements on the bike and for a time trial helmet it offers exceptionally good ventilation. This is ensured by the Forced Air Cooling Technology in combination with the floating paddings

Large air inlets on the front and five air outlets on the rear ensure a constant flow of air and a perfect head climate. When it comes to choosing between glasses and visors, compromises
belong to the past. Thanks to the slim helmet design, the aero differences between glasses and the supplied high-quality visor are minimal. A plus for all athletes who do not want to – or cannot – do without their glasses. Visor lovers, on the other hand, are happy about no fogging, a tried and tested visor shape, and the completely concealed and aeroneutral magnetic holder. This offers a real advantage in the transition area due to the automatic snapping of the visor.

Many comfort features in the interests of the athletes make everyday competition and training easier in all practical conditions. The Fidlock magnetic buckle opens and closes very easily, even with a high pulse and clammy fingers. The side parts of the helmet are made of a high-tech lightweight material, which means that they can be spread open very flexibly and always return to their original fit and thus close to the head, without any pressure points on the ear. Despite the closed side panels, the special material improves the hearing quality of the surroundings noticeably – an important safety feature.

With a weight of around 380g, the GameChanger TT is one of the light models in the market. The GameChanger TT is available in three sizes (S, M, L) and three colours, meaning that athletes no longer must make compromises in terms of comfort and style.