Gamma Headtorch £15   88 lumens, 3 x AAA’s gives 9 hours on full with red light too, 118g

Viper Headtorch £12.50   100 lumens, 3 x AAA’s gives 40 hours on full, 94g

Alpkit is a UK company based truly in the outdoor market offering quality kit and cheap prices.  I had an original alpkit head torch that I got at an outdoor show 10 years ago for £5 which is still going strong.  With the invention of cree bulbs the torch market has changed rapidly over the past couple of years and lights have got brighter.

The Gamma is a first choice for many due to it’s features and also it comes at a very good price.   The Gamma has a rear red light, ideal for road safety as well as several choices on the front including green, red, white and bright white.  The torch is well balanced and is simple to adjust and wear.  The 88 lumens was great for dark road/urban runs but as light technology has increased you may find that you are wanting more for a trail run.  The head band are easy to adjust and there are several colour choices if this is a need for you.

The Viper is a new torch in the range and is similar to several other units that contain everything in the front unit.  Like the gamma it has several choices for light levels with either 2 LEDs or the main cree bulb at your disposal.  The head band is very easy to adjust and wide enough to make the torch stable and not wobble about when you are running.  The light is a good strength and the battery life is good and for the price it is a great option for a torch to have if you are not a regular trail runner but like to do the odd off road run.  Like he Gamma it comes in a range of colours too.

In a nutshell if you are looking for a cheap but good quality head torch that offers a good level of light and several safety features the Gamma is a good option, if you want a stronger torch but don’t need a rear red light the Viper may be a batter option.  However if you run regularly on trails or dark conditions you may find that these torches don’t offer enough light and it maybe better to spend a little more to get more light output.  The battery life is similar to other torches on the market and they both come with batteries within their pack.

The main downside of the Alpkit torch’s is their availability.  I have visited their website on several occasions over the past few months and found they have sold out, new stoke is due anytime now.  This shows their popularity but also is frustrating if you are looking to get one ASAP.