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We get asked to review products regularly by different services, brands, events, technology providers, retailers and more across all our social channels of UKRunChat, UKTriChat, UKCycleChat and UKStrengthTalk.
You are the people who buy these products with your hard earned money so we want you to be the reviewers.
A review would mean receiving a product that you use for a period of time. This amount of time varies dependant on the product. You then write a review where you comment on whats great about it and what you think could be improved.  You could say how you would change it if you could, what you didn’t like about it if appropriate and include some photos too.
You can then place it on your blog and share on social media and we will do the same.
How it works.
When we receive a request for a review we randomly select a member from that specific sporting community.  We get in touch with you, explain the product and see if you would like to take this review.  You are then sent the product and you review accordingly.
If you are interested in being added to our database of reviewers then please fill in the form below.
If you are a brand looking to submit for a review from one of our community members please go to this link.

Please note we do not share your information with any third parties and you can be removed from our database at any time by emailing

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