The “ASICS FrontRunner” project began in 2010 and we’re happy to announce the roll out across more countries this year. ASICS are now accepting applications until the 31st of January from UK applicants so you can become an ASICS FrontRunner.

Some of the reasons why you should apply to become an ASICS FrontrRunner include:

– Early access to key ASICS products (prior to store launches)
– Join a community of like minded individuals
– Connect with runners from across Europe and South Africa
– 50% off ASICS products
– Chance to meet top level ASICS ambassadors
– Helps to grow your personal blog & social media
– Possibility to run with top level athletes that are Core Members
– Meeting 3 or 4 times per year at fun functions
– Chance to run at ASICS sponsored events
– Official ASICS FrontRunner kit
– Access to speak with ASICS Technical staff

Click here to learn more about who the ASICS FrontRunners are, what they do and to apply to become an ASICS FrontRunner.