Anyone wishing to get fit in the new year has until 31st January to sign up for an innovative new programme, Virtual Runathon. A brilliant way to encourage beginners to get active and kick-start 2018, Virtual Runathon is a 5K or 10K virtual running challenge from professional training providers Get Event Fit. The challenge takes participants from their very first steps through to completing their chosen distance by means of a structured training plan that keeps motivation high throughout. All finishers are rewarded with a medal for their fantastic achievement.

The support of Get Event Fit is key in making Virtual Runathon stand out from any other training plan, as it includes easy-to-follow event training via the excellent Get Event Fit app.

Each day participants receive running fitness training, strength and conditioning exercise videos, yoga for runners, meditation, recovery, sports nutrition education, healthy recipes, running mindset advice, motivational messages and much more to help them retain focus, stay motivated and reduce the risk of injury.

It is a perfect way to educate, inspire and motivate everyday throughout the training journey, ensuring the ultimate success of the Runathon challenge and the continuation of positive daily habits long after the initial challenge is complete.

In addition to the highly effective 5K and 10K training plans, Runathon offers the great convenience of being ‘virtual’, so participants can complete their challenge at any location, inside or out, individually or with friends. For anyone who has entered the new year with an ambition to get active, healthy and fit – but wanting a little support in getting there – Virtual Runathon is hard to beat.

Training for the Virtual Runathon starts on Monday 5th February, with a view to all participants completing their Runathon challenge on 31st March 2018.

The Beginners Virtual Runathon has a one-off cost of £29.97. This represents fantastic value considering everything that is included:

8-week Beginners Runathon training programme delivered daily via the Get Event Fit app
30+ structured workouts
30+ strength exercises with videos
20+ running education articles including recovery advice
Yoga for runners video
20+ nutrition education articles
25+ healthy eating recipes from HelloFresh
20+ positive mindset articles with meditation video
Daily motivation
Shiny Virtuathon finisher’s medal

Plus much more

Chris Mitchell, Managing Director of Get Event Fit, commented, “We are excited to start the new year with Virtual Runathon, which has been specifically designed for people who would like to live a more physically active and healthy lifestyle, but who perhaps don’t know where to start or just need regular support and motivation to help them reach their goal. Runathon provides all the ingredients a beginner needs for a successful ‘health kick’ – an achievable goal, an easy-to-follow training plan and a well-deserved medal at the end. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the change in people who previously thought they couldn’t do it – and, importantly, to see them remain motivated in the long-term. Registration is open until the end of January, and we’re looking forward to helping people across the country become fitter, healthier and happier in 2018”.

The next Beginners Runathon takes place over the weekend of 31st March 2018. Registration closes on Wednesday 31st January and beginners Runathon training, delivered by Get Event Fit, starts on Monday 5th February.

Find out more at and register today at .