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Le Coq Sportif is following up the BBR capsule with a tribute to Bernard Hinault, one of the greatest champions the Tour de France has ever seen. Its black and yellow design, based on the colours of his old team, and the quote “TANT QUE JE RESPIRE, J’ATTAQUE” (As long as I breathe, I attack) make this collection a celebration of the best of the Tour de France.

Five-time Tour de France winner (1978, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1985) Bernard Hinault came to epitomise aggressive riding, honour and ambition in cycling. A champion whose legend transcends generations, he was nicknamed “the Badger” for his competitive spirit and thirst for victory. Bernard Hinault was not just one of the greatest champions in the history of the sport, but first and foremost a “companion” on the road and a “friend” on the bicycle for the cyclists who rode alongside him as well as the fans who followed and idolised him throughout his epic career.

These are the values and philosophy that inspired Le Coq Sportif to create the “Bernard Hinault” clothing collection. The pack is more than just a celebration of the rider —it chronicles the story that unites the Breton champion, the brand and the Tour de France.

Le Coq Sportif wants to honour the panache, ardour and passion of the Badger, but also to commemorate his old team with the iconic black and yellow diagonal stripes on all the pieces that make up the collection. The quote “TANT QUE JE RESPIRE, J’ATTAQUE” appears on the front in reference to Hinault’s grit and determination in every race he entered.

Like the first capsule, the BBR pack unveiled in July, the Bernard Hinault collection is made up of essential pieces for every cyclist:

  • a high-performance jersey for bicycle outings that combines polyester and elastane for increased elasticity, better aerodynamics and a high-tech fabric; and
  • a white cotton T-shirt, a flannel crew sweatshirt and a cap for everyday use.

There is a label with the text “LE TOUR DE FRANCE DEPUIS 1903 — LE COQ SPORTIF” on the inside of each piece.

“I have always believed that anything can happen until you cross the finish line. This is the basis for this quote, which has become part of who I am. Every jersey I wore is a treasure trove of incredible memories and experiences. The jersey that inspired this new capsule from Le Coq Sportif reminds me of my greatest victories in the Tour, especially the first one, which was one of those that really marked my career.” Bernard Hinault on the pack.

The “Bernard ‘The Badger’ Hinault” pack is available from Le Coq Sportif shops, online from lecoqsportif.com, on the Tour de France e-shop and in specialised partner shops in France and abroad.

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