Event Bomere 5km Mud Run, Shrewsbury
Terrain Trail/Mud Facilities Toilets, car park, hot drink bar
Website http://www.fitnessexperience.co.uk/shropshire-mud-run/
Shropshire = Countryside = Mud …..and lots of it too!!

So what a start to 2014, my first ever mud run.  As a regular runner I though 5km no problem, but I never really anticipated the dimension mud would add to my running.  A warm up event with no times and no pressure all in preparation for the Shropshire Mud Run Series.  This was a truly awesome experience!  The event was held across a Motor Cross track and involved lots of hills and uneven terrain.  The build up of lactic acid from driving your legs so hard to get up the hills of pure mud was worth the fun of sliding right back down them, all as part of the course.  I’ve never had so much fun in mud since I was a child!  Although at times it felt like I was running through treacle and spent more time on by bottom that on my feet, the atmosphere, camaraderie and sheer challenge is something I would urge everyone to try.

A well organised and fun event with growing popularity.  Official photographers catching those ‘Kodak’ moments and creating great memories.  Simply can not wait for the next run in the series on 1st March 2014.