After two years of Covid cancellations and travel restrictions UK runners were finally back on the starting line for the 126th Boston Marathon. For ten runners travelling with Sports Tours International it meant that they could FINALLY earn their Abbott World Marathon Majors Six-Star Medal.

Kuldip Matharu from Birmingham was one of those runners who was due to run Boston in 2020. He has waited two long years to finally cross the finish line, get his Unicorn, and take his place in the Abbott World Marathon Majors Hall of Fame.

“From start to finish, the race was amazing,” said Kuldip.

“The course and the way the crowd cheered us on was next level. The fact that it was my last one made it extra special, and it definitely lived up to the hype! There was something extremely special about the race and plus… I got to live my dream of getting that Six Star medal.

“The Sports Tours crew were really good, we travelled in a group of three and managed to get to know everyone who was running the marathon and we were all after the same goal. The organisation was perfect. That in itself made it feel more relaxed; being around everyone who was running and there many people who were going after their Six Star medal as well. From start to finish it was the best experience I’ve ever had!”

Sports Tours International took runners out to Boston to take their place at what is one of the running world’s most coveted marathon start lines. Known for its tough qualifying times, getting to Boston is an aspirational goal for many marathoners.

As an official tour operator for the Boston Marathon, Sports Tours International has a limited number of guaranteed entry spaces which don’t require runners to achieve the tough BQ times. Which means that you don’t have to be hitting those fast times to achieve your Six-Stars. But you still need grit, determination and strong quads to take on heartbreak hill!

Paul O’Halloran, Head of Sales for Sports Tours International, said: “It was amazing to see our runners finally get to Boston and achieve their goals, and not just the six-star finishers, every single runner did themselves proud.

“Boston is a big one, and we do have a waiting list, but if you start your journey with us then your time will come. Due to the overwhelming demand for the entries priority is given to runners who have booked packages with us previously. The ten runners who earned those six-star medals at the weekend had run other WMM events with us, and we are so proud of them all.

“If you are inspired to start your WMM journey, apart from London, Berlin is a great place to start, and there is still time to book your place with Sports Tours for 2022.”

Sports Tours International is the only UK operator with travel partnerships for five international Abbott World Marathon Majors; Berlin, New York, Chicago, Boston and Tokyo. Sports Tours International is proud to represent the London Marathon with responsibility for managing their International Runner programme.