Registration for the 2022 Brighton Marathon, which is set to take place on Sunday 10th April, will reopen on Wednesday 16th March for five days only.

With registration usually closed at this time of year, this is a unique last chance to sign up and take part in one of the UK’s favourite marathons and enjoy an incredible weekend of running and celebration.

A large number of runners have been in contact with event organiser, Grounded Events (GE), looking for another marathon option in 2022 if they are unsuccessful in the London Marathon ballot. GE would like to give everyone the opportunity to take part in Brighton Marathon and are therefore reopening for a short window to those who are ready to take on a marathon.

More crucially, the reopening will serve to support the future of Brighton Marathon Weekend following the significant impact that both Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have had.

Tom Naylor, Event Director said: “Our event has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and more recently by Brexit. For much of the last two years people have been understandably wary of entering events due to uncertainty whether the event can take place.

“Confidence began to return after most large-scale running events were successfully held in the autumn last year. However, the impact of Brexit has significantly affected our recovery. Costs to deliver the event have recently increased considerably due to increased fuel prices, reduced haulage availability and as contractors start to rebuild their businesses after so much time with no events taking place.

“Reopening entries will allow us to ensure our event maintains its high standard of delivery and experience and allow us to rebuild into 2023.”

The Brighton Marathon Weekend will take place from 8-10 April 2022, hosting the Brighton Marathon, BM10k, BM Ride and Mini Mile Races.

Entries will reopen at: at 8am on Wednesday 16 March.