The newly defined Coach Essential and Coach Plus membership packages are designed to support coaches depending on their level of coaching commitments.

The coaching community is at the very heart of the sport of triathlon, with close to 5000 current Home Nation members holding a British Triathlon Coaching Qualification and around an estimated 600 participants expected to attend a coaching course over the next 12 months. It is for this very reason that the Coach Essential and Coach Plus Home Nation Membership packages have been developed, to ensure coaches are fully supported within their roles.

The Coach Essential package is the bread and butter for the coaching community; suitable for volunteer coaches at local community clubs. Combined with a high level of Public Liability Insurance cover, coaches benefit from Professional Indemnity insurance, covering up the value of £10M. Coaches remain supported by British Triathlon with access to discounted coaching products and services, with added incentives including eligibility to be nominated for prestigious British Triathlon coaching awards.

For those seeking a more comprehensive package, Coach Plus membership is geared more towards the professional or commercially based coach operating across several venues, including training camps within the UK and abroad. The package, which enjoys the full range of Coach Essential benefits, is available to Level 2 & Level 3 British Triathlon coaches only and includes bespoke insurance cover for coaches who also coach triathlon related activities. In addition included is loss of earnings insurance for accidental injury sustained whilst taking part in triathlon activity, including coaching.

Existing Home Nation members with a coaching qualification have been notified in recent weeks of the new packages and as of yesterday (Thursday 1 June) have been automatically transferred onto the Coach Essential package for the remainder of their membership. Members who wish to can now also arrange a pro-rata upgrade to the Coach Plus package by contacting the Membership Services team.
In the coming weeks, new plastic membership cards and a coach lanyard will be distributed to all British Triathlon Home Nation members on a coaching package who have uploaded a suitable passport style photo in My Account.

Paul Graham, British Triathlon Head of Customer Experience, said: “With coaches playing an important part within our triathlon family, it’s fantastic to be able to unveil the new Coach Membership packages which acknowledge the important role coaches have within our sport.”

For further information on the new coach packages, please visit here or contact the Membership Services team at