MissFits Nutrition, The Multitasker – lean pea protein shake for women

MAKE EVERY SWEAT COUNT WITH THE MULTITASKER The first perfectly portioned, protein packed super sachet, just for women This month sees the launch of The Multitasker...

Race Nutrition Part 2: Fluid Performance

I discussed in my first blog about how to formulate your fueling plan for long runs. In this month’s blog, I am going to...

Musclefood’s #DoTheUnthinkable plan makes the impossible, possible. by @sherieamore1

In a time where we could all do with one extra hour in the day to get things done, and when you’re looking for...

Sports Barista coffee to conquer

Introducing Sports Barista, three keen sports enthusiasts with a passion for running, cycling and coffee. Throughout the years we have collectively experienced most caffeine...

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