Having tried CEP custom-made compression ‘clone’ tights (that I love by the way) and the compression calf guards and socks I was looking forward to trying the award winning CEP Wing Tech Shirt.

I am usually an xsmall and this is the size I ordered and fit me just fine. As all compression garments this is figure hugging and tight. It comes in 3 colours, white, black and green. Being a huge fan of bright colours, I picked the green. The colour is stunning however I need to point out that if you are nervous about any parts of your anatomy that you would prefer where de emphasized the green (and I am suspecting the white) do not help in that respect. In that case I would pick the black.

I wore the top in a 10km trail run on a warm summer day. The material feels really nice on the skin and found that it let the body breathe adequately to not feel uncomfortable or be over heating. The design of the top emphasized proper posture by having the ‘wings’ at the back over the shoulder blades. The feeling of keeping the shoulders upright wasn’t that noticeable but I did feel that I ran in good posture, so I am suspecting they did help. It is a running top designed with every detail in mind and in that respect I would give it top marks. One thing I didn’t like about the top is that it was riding up while I was running so I had to pull it down every so often. I guess being compression this would be expected. For that reason I would probably wear it as an under layer in the colder months and reap the benefits of its technology in that way.

In conclusion, I liked the CEP top and would recommend it as a compression garment as I loved the design, colour and feel of it. Bear in mind it is tight (as it should be) and may ride up while moving.