From fledgling event, to a race where thousands of athletes start each year. Last weekend was a big highlight when no less than six thousand athletes raced at CHALLENGE TAIWAN, and next year will be an extra big party, when the event celebrates its tenth anniversary. In honour of that anniversary the Asia-Pacific Championship moves to Taiwan next year: on the weekend of 23-24 April 2022 this prestigious championship will be held at CHALLENGE TAIWAN.

“We look back on a wonderful event and enjoyed all the thousands of athletes – of all different levels – who completed their race: whether it was the Junior Challenge, the Sprint Distance, the Middle Distance or the Long Distance. At the same time, we’re always looking ahead and doing everything we can to improve our event every year. In that respect, we can now look back on nine years in which a lot has changed and especially improved. We do everything we can to provide athletes with the most impressive race possible and, above all, an unforgettable weekend. Next year, when we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we will do this even more,” said CEO of CHALLENGE FAMILY ASIA-PACIFIC, Jovi Lo.

At the Asia-Pacific Championship, the best athletes from the Asia-Pacific region compete against each other. “Because of all the travel restrictions we did not have a pro race this year, but next year I expect a lot of top athletes at our event. It will be great to bring the worlds of Age Group athletes and pro athletes a little closer together again and let everyone experience the hospitality of Taiwan in general and the Taitung region in specific.”

CHALLENGE FAMILY CEO Jort Vlam is also looking forward to the tenth anniversary of CHALLENGE TAIWAN and the arrival of the Asia-Pacific Championship. “The team of CHALLENGE TAIWAN knows how to surprise us every year again. Every year they are able to organize a huge, always successful event for thousands of athletes. The passion and enthusiasm with which they do this is an example for organisers around the world.”