With a swim in the crystal blue Adriatic Sea, a bike ride by the picturesque Montenegrin coast with stunning views and a run course on a spectacular promenade with pure Mediterranean spirit, CHALLENGEFAMILY is introducing the brand new CHALLENGEBUDVA-MONTENEGRO. This Middle Distance race will be held October 4th and can be a spectacular ending to a nice European triathlon season.

“We’re pretty sure athletes will love and enjoy every single meter of the course and every single minute of the event”, says Race Director Uroš Đurašević. “It’s a most unique location for triathlon: from historical heritage to sandy beaches and of course the mountains, blue Adriatic Sea, traditional Mediterranean architecture mixed with modern and luxury world famous marinas and resorts. During the race you’ll definitely get stunning views.”

The swim start is located at the sandy Pizana Beach in the eastern part of Old Town. During the swim, athletes will have the walls of the old town on one side, while on the other side views will extend towards the sea. Most of the swim will take place very close to the coast, which makes the swim course really accessible for spectators. “After the swim, the way to the transition area is unique: athletes will go through the narrow and paved streets of Old Town where T1 is located under the city walls.”

The Montenegrin coast is considered one of the most beautiful coastlines on the Adriatic, so the bike course is highly attractive. “The two-lap bike course starts with a flat part through Budva and Becici. After passing these two cities, the course will become hilly. Here you will pass the famous Sveti Stefan and Petrovac, a fisherman’s village, where you’ll have stunning views of the surroundings.” The run-course is also two laps, starting in the harbour and leading athletes along Slovenska Beach. Athletes will run amongst fishing boats, palm trees and along a Mediterranean promenade.

Jort Vlam, CHALLENGEFAMILY’s CEO, is very excited about this new race. “In this area, triathlon is a very upcoming sport, but it’s still a white spot on the map. We are looking very much forward to build the triathlon tradition with the local community. The amazing courses, the enthusiastic and dedicated team and the great Montenegrin hospitality will be a big help in achieving this.