I’ve never been one that’s bought in to the whole supplement thing. I have to be honest about that from the start. In part it may be the added cost to an already very tight racing and training budget, but part of it was that I felt that if you can’t get it from what you’re eating, then you’re doing it wrong.

But… And yes, there’s a but.

When I was given the opportunity to trial CurranNZ, a New Zealand blackcurrant sports performance and recovery supplement, I had my doubts. As a pretty active and enthusiastic age-group triathlete I’d gotten used to the aches and fatigues that went along with it. I have to say I was curious and excited to find out what the results would be.

Nothing much happened for the first day or so, but then something strange happened. At first I began to notice that my legs didn’t ache so much after my runs/rides. It wasn’t a sudden “bam” it was a gradual realisation that the discomfort was missing. That very familiar muscle soreness we all know and hate? Well it took quite a bit longer to turn up. It was so delayed I thought it had got lost. When it did arrive it felt like a flying visit and didn’t hang around too long. I felt able to go harder that much quicker.

Then I began to notice that my energy levels seemed to be a little higher. Bike and run data backed up that feeling, along with a more constant swim output and the result was that I was able to hold a more constant output for longer. Not by a huge amount, but that small increase was something that wasn’t there before. And I felt better.

And that’s the key. Without doing anything more than taking the recommended dose for 2 weeks I was able to make a small gain. That gain was being able to train consistently.

What have I learned from this? Well I have to say that CurraNZ started to work for me. Maybe if I’d been able to trial more long term I could’ve compared results over a longer period, but from my initial comparisons I’ve got to say that I’m impressed and that their claims of improvements appear to be based on something real.

But would I recommend them? Ah, that’s really the big question there. And the short answer would be a yes. If your budget can stretch to include supplements then I’d have no qualms about pointing you towards these guys. I’m a ‘what works’ kinda guy, and they most definitely had a positive impact on my training.

The only downside is that I ran out!

CurraNZ is available from www.healthcurrancy.co.uk and retails for £29 for 30 capsules.

Every batch is drug tested and suitable for use within professional sport.

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