What made you get into running?

I was taken ill a few years ago. I was a smoker and a weekend party drinker. I came home one night and had a panic attack, knocked myself out and chocked on my vomit. If it was not for the quick help of the paramedics then it might be a different story.  I vowed the next day to give up smoking and get fit.

What has been your proudest/best running moment?

My proudest running moment was Gear Kings Lynn 10k in May. I met three wonderful UKRunChat runners who helped me run every tough mile and never left my side. Andy Reed, Sarah Roche and Kirk.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced?

The biggest challenge I have faced was starting. I had no idea about running so I brought magazines and hired a personal trainer. I started running in the month of November so it was freezing. I forced myself to see my PT once a week. I’m glad I did.

Who is your inspiration, and why?

My inspiration is fundraising. Knowing the training I’m doing and the cold wet and tough miles is helping someone is all I need to get me out the door. The UKRunChat community are also inspirational, I can’t tell you the boost you get from people ❤  your tweets or picking you up when your injured or had a bad run.

What are your future goals?

Future goals are to keep running and enter more races so I can meet the brilliant UKRunChat community.

What would be your one piece of essential advice to someone looking to start up running? 

If your looking too start running the advice Id give is find a group or invest in a personal trainer to get started, even if only for a few months. It gets you in too a routine and your less likely to stop and give up.

What is your favourite piece of running kit?

My UKRunChat #teamred shirt and my pink long sleeve running top. It’s soft and not to tight or lose, the sleeve has wiped many a tears.

And finally, what’s your favourite thing about running?

My favourite thing about running is how it’s change my body and more importantly my mind. The way you can go for a run all stressed and come back with a clearer mind.  The freedom and fresh air, plus it’s free!