Tina Chantrey coaching her group of runners. Photograph: Claire Kelson

THE DIVORCE SURVIVAL GUIDE is the much-anticipated self-help guide from runner and journalist Tina Chantrey. A ground-breaking illumination on the pitfalls and perils of one of life’s most stressful experiences, this guide navigates the often-horrific, never-easy strains of dealing with an acrimonious divorce by putting nature’s best endorphin-producer – running – as a central tenant in the heartfelt journey through separation, divorce and taking those first positive steps out the other side into a new running life.

As a qualified coach, contributing editor to Women’s Running and alter-ego shewhodaresruns, Tina has already reached thousands of women (and men) with her intelligent and empathic writing about all facets of running, particularly the emotional and cathartic experience this great sport can elicit. With a strong social media profile, Tina has already built a loyal following of runners and non-runners who can identify with her story and use it to guide their own.

The Divorce Survival Guide is a unique book. There have been other divorce books, but there are very few written from the point of view of the protagonist and there are none that start the healing process using exercise as the best medicine. This enlightening book takes the reader through the divorce journey, mixing autobiographical experiences with practical advice – and reinforcement through user engagement such as mantras and goal setting.

With a wealth of experience of writing about health and fitness, and her own poignant story of separation and divorce as a single mother of three fighting for survival, Tina is well placed to help others facing this journey. The Divorce Survival Guide is the first step towards taking positive action towards mental and physical wellbeing.

“I was able to use exercise and running to turn my life around and believe in myself again when I was going through separation and divorce. Using this book as a guide, I believe that anyone can do the same, no matter how difficult their experience,” says Tina.

“This book is about taking positive steps for you, learning from others and adding in exercise to take some time out for the most important person: you!”


• How to use exercise to assist the healing process: Tina’s advice and tips

• Practical financial and family advice

• Reader guides on how to achieve mental and physical wellbeing

• A guide to survive any challenging life experience, not just divorce

Additional praise for Tina Chantrey’s Divorce Survival Guide:

“I hope you gain as much from this book as I have” Liz McColgan, London Marathon winner and World Champion

“If only I could have read this book when I was going through my divorce” Suzy Greaves, editor of Psychologies

“Reading this book will feel like talking to a close friend” Una Archer, psychologist

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By Tina Chantrey

Zambezi Publishing – 21th August 2017 – Paperback – £8.99

“A powerful book with plenty of helpful advice” Kathrine Switzer, first woman to run the Boston Marathon

“Wonderfully warm-hearted…a beacon of hope for the broken-hearted”
Lisa Jackson, author Your Pace or Mine

“Tina is a mentor to guide you through divorce” Janet Smith, counsellor