Two of our community members tested Domsease Oil,here is how they got along with the product.

I’d heard about Domsease oil online & thought I would try it out.
“If you suffer from sore muscles and stiff joints after physical sport activities then our Sports Ease Oil blend may be just the thing to help relieve muscle and joint tiredness with its warm and soothing qualities. It combines lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus.”
I like that it’s made by 100% natural oils and it sounded perfect for post run achy muscles.
I have used it a few times both after a long run & also when just feeling achy after a long day at work. I’ve only applied it when I’ve gone to bed, massaging it into my legs & have found that it feels great when applied and my legs have felt much better when I’ve woken up the next morning. It smells great & the smells are very relaxing too.
I would recommend getting this oil for after your long runs. It feels good & I will definitely be using it regularly now. I’ve just read that you can use it as a bath oil too so I look forward to giving that a try.

Review by Jenni Morris


I was sceptical about using DomsEase oil at first as I couldn’t see how it would benefit my recovery so I decided to do a comparison post brick sessions to see if it made a difference.
Week 1 – I did my usual 30 mile ride and 5 mile run and just did stretching afterwards. The next day I always have horrendously sore quads as the last ½ mile of the run is downhill to home. As every week the next day my quads were burning the next tackling the stairs.
Week 2 – Exactly the same session with the same downhill finish (all about the routine) but instead of just doing my usual stretching I used the DomsEase oil as well to massage my legs. Next morning there was definitely less ache in my quads than there has been previously.
The oil was easy to apply and didn’t stain my running clothing. The bottle allows just enough for easy application without getting it all over the place and it absorbs quickly.
I probably won’t use it each time I run/ride but definitely after all the harder sessions once training gets more intense again.
Tested during Ironman training by Mel Sykes