ENHANCED RECOVERY TM – the official Recovery Drink partner of England Athletics – has developed a scientific breakthrough which uniquely combines the proven benefits of the highest quality stabilised fresh Omega-3 with whey protein, essential amino acids, carbs, vitamins and antioxidants in a ready to drink, great tasting fruit juice flavoured drink.

Read on to find out more about an exclusive offer for clubs including a discount for club members and a cash donation for clubs.

  • Performance Trial:
    In recent months, England Athletics registered athletes have been amongst those taking part in an ENHANCED RECOVERY TM performance trial. More than 1,000 runners, cyclists and triathletes have participated in the trial and the results obtained from the trialists who have so far completed the survey have shown some excellent results:
  • 99% claimed a faster and more complete recovery
  • 98% claim feelings of greater recovery
  • 97% experienced less post exercise soreness and stiffness
  • 98% say they had less muscle fatigue and able to train again the next day
  • Almost 50% stated that they had achieved a new PB within the first month of use.
  • 98% of athletes say that the taste is OK, good or excellent
  • 99% enjoyed and appreciated the consistency, and
  • 97% experienced no digestive issues.*

The unique combination of ingredients in ENHANCED RECOVERY TM have contributed to a faster, more complete recovery while also contributing to a general improvement in health and wellbeing.

More details of the ENHANCED RECOVERY TM performance trial and their Club Support Programme can be found on the England Athletics website

ENHANCED RECOVERY TM – Beyond the Normal!

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