We asked you now the days are starting to get a bit colder, what are your essential winter pieces of run-kit?

As per per usual there were a whole host of responses but these were the most popular and debatable points.

Head wear

Be it a Buff, Woolly hat, snood, balaclava, ear band or head torch the majority agree that keeping your bonce warm and safe on a winter run is essential. With so much choice out there today you can be sure if you are someone who can keep one of these on your head for your whole run then there is something out their to suit your palette.  Being a bald man I couldn’t agree more and personally have a plethora of Buffs and woolly hats.

hats winter running

Hi-Viz gear

If you are a runner in the UK and it’s winter then you must have hi-viz gear.  The number of people the community see out running in the dark, wearing BLACK is incredible. It’s obvious how dangerous this is so our community message is “get your hi-viz on”!  It’s available in pretty much every item of running kit you can get, socks, hats, tech t-shirts, long sleeved tops, jackets, the list goes on and on, so make sure you stay safe on every run and be visible to everyone.




One for the gentlemen to consider.

Just shorts?

The hardened runner with rhino like skin goes it bare legged all year round.


Gents running tights are an excellent bit of kit for the winter months, lots of people agree yet the debate begins with the following.

Sh-ites. Shorts over running tights.

I ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 2011, I loved the experience yet it was nearly ruined when on the morning of the race I was looking through my kit bag and to my horror, I had left my shorts at home.  The hotel was full of other people running the marathon. I went down into the reception area and asked every male do they have a spare pair of shorts I could buy off them.  After much Mickey taking from fellow runners and a gentleman teasing me by going to his room thinking he had a spare pair and returning with none, I bumped into a lovely German man who had both shorts and tights on.  “You can have mine” he said and promptly whipped them off in the middle of reception.  “Are you sure you don’t mind?  do you have another pair”? I ask.

“I am not Embarrassed” He replied in his deep German accent which to this day still makes me laugh as he knew exactly what I was thinking, then cool as a cucumber he wished me luck in the race and casually strolled off with a confident swagger.

So the question remains.  Should men wear shorts over their tights?  Do you wear a baggy top long enough to cover the essentials or are you loud and proud with your ergonomic display?  Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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