Cap = £6.99 Wrist Bands = £4.99 Skull Cap = £5.99

Keeping cool on runs in the summer has become a bit of an issue and with the summer just gone and I found it tough at times at keeping a balance in keeping cool, staying out of the sun and training/racing in the day.

Although Everythings cool set me their products late into the summer we had a warm autumn and I was able to try them out to  see how effective they were.

Like Unilite the company is not solely a running/sports company but the technology behind the idea was born in Chef wear and also building wear but the idea lends itself to sport really well.  The concept uses a range of hyperkewl products that use evaporative cooling technology.  This involves soaking the item in water for several minutes, then gently squeezing out excess liquid. The remaining water is slowly released from the Hyperkewl special fabric creating a chill effect that keeps the user cooler and more comfortable for 5-8 hours per cycle.

I tend to run in a cap in the summer to help keep the sun off my head and to slow sweat dripping into my eyes but I do find it gets too hot and I tend to lose it after a while as I get too hot.  So I have mainly used the cap and found this a real benefit in the summer.  It was easy to use, I just threw the cap in the sink and left it in there while I got the rest of my kit ready.  You wring out the excess water and put on and head out.  It felt damp and cold at first but you forget pretty quickly and it definitely helped in keeping cooler on hot runs. I noticed a definite difference in wearing the hyperkewl cap off to my usual hot weather camp and I think it helped regulate my temperature.

They also sent me a skull cap which I found useful when wearing a cycle helmet as well as night running with a head torch.  The skull cap had the same cooling technology as the cap and I found this was a real benefit on hot long rides.  They also had sent me some Velcro wrap round sweatbands, I wasn’t sold on these at first but as your wrists are a good cooling point these were an easy addition to your running kit to help regulate your temperature.

If you struggle with the heat and or run at hot times of the day these products are cheap (cap cheaper than most running caps) and I think they are worth looking at. They are not designed for runners/sports but the product is starting to be widely used within cycling and has a place in running.