The 361º Spire (now on its 4th edition) was created from a simple brief: ‘create ultimate comfort’. Ah that’s so cheesy! That is what we all want, that is what all brands say they provide! But from an insider perspective I can tell you there is a lot of stuff in the shoe that helps deliver on that promise of ultimate comfort.

The proof is in the pudding. So that is why I took the shoes out of the box, onto my feet and went straight for a nice 27k run for my spring marathon. No test run, no walking around, just GO GO GO. Now I would not advise everyone to do that with every new pair of shoes you buy but as someone who has to try out a lot of shoes I gave it a shot!

Lucky me. I have taken risks before and I have paid the price, from bleeding toes, blisters to painful ankles and arches. But not this time. 27k of pure pleasure. Now how is this possible?

First of all, inside information, the platform of the 361º Spire 4 is actually a material upgrade from the previous version. The midsole configuration consists of a layer of Qu!kfoam which provides a lot of cushioning and comfort. The base material has changed from a fairly standard EVA to a softer but more resilient material mix. It’s called Qu!k Spring+. It’s the mix of these materials combined with the geometry (shape) of the platform that generate a super smooth comfortable ride. But that is not just it, It’s not just very comfy. On top of that the shoe has a very dynamic transition. So you’re not just stepping onto a soft pillow. You’re actually getting the comfort but also are moving from heel to toe in a very natural and dynamic way.

Add to that the upgrade to a specific Ortholite sockliner which provides longer lasting comfort and breathability. The upper part of the 361º Spire 4 is thinner and lighter than the previous version. And it still provides the great and secure fit due to the underlying reinforcements which are made of soft and chafe-free materials.

Who will benefit from the new 361º Spire 4? Well, since the goal was to provide ‘ultimate comfort’ it’s pretty clear that those who want to stay in their comfort zone will find peace of mind in these shoes…. But also those runners who like the dynamic and natural feel of a well cushioned shoe will appreciate the 361º Spire. It is clear these shoes can be your buddies on your LSD days! And when you are trying to speed up while going the distance, the 361º Spire 4 will not slow you down!

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