What made you get into running?

Bad tequila. I walked out of a nightclub on the night of my 30th birthday, three sheets to the wind, and decided to run 30-miles to celebrate my 30th birthday. I hadn’t run for over a decade prior. I ran straight through the night and the aftermath wasn’t pretty, but I made it. That night forever changed the course of my life.

Death Valley run II

What has been your proudest/best running moment?

When it comes to my greatest achievement so far, the answer might surprise you. While I’ve had the great privilege of running and racing on all 7-continents of the planet, twice now, in some of the most remote and exotic locations on earth—from a marathon to the South Pole to running a across the Sahara Desert—my most cherished accomplishment is running a 10 kilometer race with my daughter, Alexandria, on her 10th birthday. Nothing will ever surpass that experience.


Who is your inspiration, and why?

My dad. He always told me, “It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down in life, what matters is how many times you get back up.” Doing what I do, I’ve been knocked down plenty. But his inspiration helps me get back up.


What are your future goals?

I once ran 50 marathons, in all 50 states, in 50 consecutive days, and that was a great experience. My next big challenge is to embark upon a worldwide expedition to run a marathon in every country of the globe in the span of a single year’s time. There are 203 countries and I’m working with the State Department and UN to get the necessary passports and permits to be able to do this. As you can imagine, the planning and logistics are every bit as complex and difficult as the running itself, and it’s taken me much longer than anticipated to pull it off. But I’m not giving up until it’s done!


What would be your one piece of essential advice to someone looking to start up running?

Start from the ground up. Invest in a good pair of running shoes. Visit a local running specialty shop and have a knowledgeable staff member fit you with the right pair of shoes for your particular foot dimension and running style. Investing in a good pair of running shoes will accomplish two objectives. First, you’ll be more comfortable and ache less when you start adding mileage. Second, you’ll feel really guilty about spending all that money on a good pair of running shoes if they’re just sitting idle in your closest and not being put to use!


What are your favourite pieces of running gear?

I am a big fan of the athletic collection by The North Face called “Better Than Naked.” The technical fabrics used in this line of sportswear helps cool the body and dissipate heat (http://www.thenorthface.com/catalog/sc-gear/men-8217-s-better-than-naked-8482-short-sleeve.html).

I recommend Sole Custom Footbeds to help cradle the foot and provide support. They incorporate thermaform technology. You place them in your oven for two-minutes and then put them inside your shoes and stand on them and they automatically mold to your foot (http://www.yoursole.com/us/mens/footbeds/signature-karnazes/).

Finally, Road ID is something every runner should wear. In case of accidents Road ID could save your life (http://www.roadid.com).


What’s your favourite thing about running?

Running is the ultimate freedom. Nothing is purer and nothing makes you feel more alive.

 Dean Karnazes & Kids

And as it’s Fathers Day, what would be your advice to Dads out there?

Set a good example for your kids. Take care of your body and exercise often. Lead by example. You may not think your kids are paying attention to you, but trust me they are. So tell them what you want most for Father’s Day is a family run!


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