Information Cost:

Fitsip Extreme £21.99, Fitsip Pro-Lite £23.99

FitSip Pro-Lite Armband – Our latest model. Ergonomically designed sports performance armband with omni-fit adjustment straps and hi-visibility colour flashes, as well as a handy coin pocket. FitSip Pro-Lite is ultra-lightweight and breathable, ideal for races and everyday training. It’s so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing it.

FitSip Refillable WaterPod – 200ml capacity, lightweight and robust; anti-slosh design.

FitSip Cap and SipFlow Bite Valve – Unique self-closing bite valve, with soft mouth feel, no drips and controlled release sip-flow.


When you first look at the Fitsip you don’t think that it will hold enough or work but the concept is great.  They have really thought about the design and it is made to a good standard with added reflective panels. I, like lots of other people hate to carry a water bottle on my runs and would prefer to go without rather than carry one but as the weather and distances change needs must! The Fitsip maybe the answer.

It’s designed to wear on the outside of your forearm with the drinks nozzle wear you would wear your watch.  I tried it on both the inside and outside and have to agree this is the best way of wearing it. Fitting is good with enough adjustment for both small and large Popeye style forearms.  The velcro is quick to adjust and simple to use. The bladder is easy to fill and once you get the knack quick to align the bite valve. My first run using the Fitsip was a warm May evening and I found the neoprene sleeve hot on my forearm but i kept going (i run in short sleeves and shorts all year round as I get too hot!) most people i don’t think would have this issue.  I was unsure if the 200ml was going to be enough for my 13 mile run but with roughly 30 sips it was fine.

If I was training for a further distance I  would possibly think about wearing 2 or a Hydration backpack.  I was surprised on how little you noticed the weight (most people asked if i notice it) and when I used it the way it was designed I pretty much forgot I was wearing it (apart from when I took a drink!) So onto actually drinking from it.  In my head I decided having it on the inside of my arm it would be easier.  I caught the valve on my thigh only a few times in the 13 mile run.  In practice it was not as easy to bring my arm up as I though with it on the inside.  So then I tried it how it was designed, on the outside.  You can then see how well it works.  In my head I thought it would be harder but it was easy to take a drink and not loose stride.

So overall, it is a lot more expensive than a simple runners water bottle but if your like me and you don’t like to carry one this is ideal for mid distance runs.  If your going for longer you can either buy 2, wear a hydration pack or stash drinks on your route.  If you want simplicity and a gadget this is for you.  Would make a great present or reward to yourself.

A really simple idea that could make a difference.

FitSip ArmBand
FitSip ArmBand