(London, 4th September) For runners who want to run lightweight but don’t want to be without the all-round protection of a jacket.

Trying to remain warm and dry on a winter run without overheating can be difficult. A jacket might feel too heavy and restrict your freedom of movement. That’s why runners often choose to run without a jacket. Although a long-sleeved shirt will keep you warm, it can’t protect you in wet conditions – or can it?

The new R5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Soft Lined Long-Sleeved Shirt from GORE® WEAR is hoping to fix this issue. Featuring all the positive points of a jacket, it’s as comfortable to wear as a shirt.

At present the GORE® R5 GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Soft Lined Long-Sleeved Shirt has an extra edge over anything else on the market. As well as being lightweight and comfortable to wear, this shirt is windproof and highly breathable, helping maintain a constant body temperature for the duration of your run.

The water resistant surface provides protection from rain and snow. So, there are no more excuses for not getting out and running in the wind and rain. Soft edging round the cuffs and collar ensure that there’s no rubbing or friction, while a stretch hem and thumb loops keep the jacket in place without restricting your movement.