Sustaining a New Year’s fitness goal can be problematic. Go out too hard and you lose the energy and motivation to see your fitness goal through to completion. Start too cautious and you run the risk of never quite reaching what you want to achieve. To help give those 2021 fitness goals a head start, Red Bull has created ‘January Jump-Start’, a specially designed challenge to complete x3 30 minute workouts a week, for the month of January.

From Monday 4th January to Sunday 31st January, Red Bull’s January Jump-Start also doubles as a guide for those looking to build a solid framework to springboard to their 2021 fitness goals. According to data from Strava, the average person  in the UK exercises for 272 minutes a month, or 68 minutes a week –  with  Red Bull’s January Jump-Start challenging people to step this up to 90 minutes a week

Taking part in the January Jump-Start Challenge, Red Bull athlete Jonny Walker said, “After the downtime of Christmas, it can be challenging to find the right motivation or fitness plan to begin a New Year fitness goal. January Jump-Start is the perfect way to challenge yourself to put in the small but necessary time that will ultimately provide you with a jump-start for your 2021 goals.”

Those taking part in January Jump-Start are encouraged to log their activities on Strava to share their experiences with the Red Bull community and also earn themselves a virtual challenge badge when they complete the challenge. As an extra reward for those that complete the challenge, they can earn 3600  Nectar Card points by visiting

For more information, visit to get a sample pack and sign up on strava here