The Great Britain Cycling Team has been given Care Quality Commission (CQC) status, officially recognising that the medical services team operates in a regulated environment to provide riders with safe, effective, compassionate and high-quality care.

Receiving CQC status is just one measure the Great Britain Cycling Team has taken to improve the quality of care provided by the medical services team. Other steps include the implementation of new medical record keeping and medicines management policies; introduction of new concussion and cardiac screening protocols; introduction of a new mental health and well-being strategy, and initiation of projects to educate staff and riders on the basic principles of maintaining good health and wellbeing.

Doctor Nigel Jones, Head of Medical Services for the Great Britain Cycling Team, explained: “Gaining CQC status was a recommendation from the independent review of our medical services and I’m pleased that 18 months of hard work and commitment by everyone on my team has been rewarded.

“While our day-to-day running of the medical facility was of a very high standard anyway, achieving CQC status means the quality of our processes and policies for the care we provide to our riders has been officially recognized and will continue to be assessed.

“The Great Britain Cycling Team is one of the first professional sport medical facilities to achieve CQC status, and it’s a huge accomplishment to be at the forefront once again when it comes to the welfare of our riders. This step sits alongside a number of other measures we have implemented in the last three years to ensure riders competing for Great Britain get the best possible support.”