Cost = £12.95


I have to say when I was asked to test the new Halo Pullover Headband I have to say I was not fussed as I’m not a head band wearer but I have to say it has become part of my regular kit after it’s first outing.  On first impressions it just looks like any other thin neoprene head band but when you look inside you will notice a rubber strip which is designed to stop sweat dripping in your eyes.

As a major sweater when running (I know not an attractive thought) I really get annoyed as sweat starts to dripping into my eyes. So I was interested in how good it would be.

The Headband was a good fit and felt comfortable to wear and even though it is made of neoprene it didn’t feel too warm.  I quickly noticed that it definitely does what it sets out to do.  I found that sweat no longer dripped into my eyes and due to the rubber strip it seemed to move away and down the sides of my face.

I found the headband very useful and would use it in hot races next summer too.  If you are a headband wearer then I think this is a real must and if you have never tried one but struggle with sweat dripping in your eyes then this is worth looking at.