I recently knocked 45 seconds off my 10km PB.  Now that is a big time and I wondered what had happened to allow me to reduce my 10km time so much.  True I have done an Ultra a Marathon and various 10kms this year but what happened prior to this race was I went on holiday.  I had 2 weeks off and my wife and I went to Vienna for a week, whilst in Vienna I ate too much, had more alcohol than normal and did very little running.  We got back on the Wednesday and the 10km was on the Saturday.  I had decided to do this 10km as a way back into my training so I wasn’t expecting anything special.

Dyke 10km Nearly finishedThe course is flat so that would have allowed for a fast time but I think it was the fact that I was relaxed and not too bothered about my time that helped.  When we set off I found myself in amongst runners that are normally way ahead of me, I thought that was strange as I was feeling ok but I knoew they would gradually pull away, I stayed with them for about a mile, then they slowly pulled away as my pace slowed.  I kept going and pushing my pace as I felt good and was passing people all the way round.  The last 100 yards is up hill to the finish and I managed to get up there fairly quickly and that was when I realised my time.

I have comtemplated incorporating cake and alcohol into my training plan but I think the real reason for this PB was the lack of runing and really wanting to get out there and do it.  It just goes to show that you can get PBs when you least expect.