I recently got an iamrunbox which is a brand new Shirt & Garment Carrier, specifically designed for sporty professionals and business traveler’s who are looking for a lightweight and water-resistant clothing carrier.

It is designed for you to carry clothes whilst running and keep them wrinkle-free so you can spend your day looking smart & fabulous after your run-commute to work.



When my iamrunbox arrived the first thing I did was try to get it in my bag.  For my run commutes I normally leave some clothes at work and I have a 15l Karrimor bag for my lunch & extra clothes etc.  I love the idea of the iamrunbox so I can run-commute without planning it before hand & leaving stuff at work.


Sadly my bag was not big enough for the box so I did have to go out & buy a larger bag to fit the box into.

Now I was armed with a new bag I could try out the iamrunbox.  I could happily fit in a shirt & trousers or a dress, using the handy folding assistant that comes with the box.  You can fold your clothes around it (it has instructions) to pack your clothes in the best way.

Key features:

It is lightweight and felt comfortable to run with.

My clothes still looked good when I got to work.

I had my lunch, purse, keys and book in the bag too.

Future use:

This box will definitely benefit me on days when I need to be smart for work, or for carrying clothes to go out in after work.  It will also be handy when packing smart clothes in a larger suitcase, my nice stuff can go in the iamrunbox so they don’t get squished whilst traveling.

 In summary:

The iamrunbox is perfect for people who want to run-commute and have to dress smart for work.  Even if you don’t have to look smart, like me, it will definitely come be useful for run-commutes & traveling alike. Find out more at www.iamrunbox.com

I look forward to run-commuting more now that I have an iamrunbox.