What is the story behind this shoe? Where does it come from? Why was it made?

As someone who has been involved with the creation of products, more specifically shoes, even more precisely running shoes, for almost 20 years, it is as if every product that comes to life is their own baby! Being a lifetime runner I have always been fascinated by running shoes. From my early days as a teenager practising decathlon I have seen many shoes and brands come and go. Hypes, trends, classics….

In today’s world of running there is more than ever a wide variety of brands and products and I personally think it is a good thing. So much choice in types of platform setup, shapes, forms and of course materials…. like carbon plates!

361° provides a well balanced range of shoes and the Nemesis is a special case. It was built on collective feedback from local specialty retailers across Europe. I happen to be the one collecting all the feedback and input and try to marry that into a shoe that serves the runner. But you can’t just mix all the input and expect a single solution for all runners. That is why there are so many shoes on the wall of your local store. We are proud that our product found it’s place up there too…. it means it serves an audience.

Now who is that audience?

When I describe the personality of the Nemesis you will hopefully understand if it fits you as a runner, or not… Anyway, the Nemesis can be classified as a stable shoe. It was given a long medial post to provide a stable platform. From a personality standpoint the shoe is ‘straight forward’; the platform has clearly separated heel, midfoot and forefoot sections. The heel provides a stable landing and guidance, the midfoot gives you structure and a stable base. The forefoot has 2 main flex grooves and fairly large rubber pods which means you’ll be guided towards toe off. This is a no-nonsense running shoe.

For who is it?

This is always a tricky question. But generally this is a good fit with runners who want more support and guidance from their shoe. It’s not super soft but provides enough comfort. It gives quite a direct feel under the foot. Running speed is not really relevant, we have some fast athletes training in this shoe as well. But the Nemesis works well for your long runs on Sundays or your easy runs anywhere during the week. For who is it not? This shoe feels stable with a classic heel-to-toe roll off, so it is not for those who prefer a more natural, less structured ride. We have some really great shoes for those runners as well.

So if Nemesis was a person, a character.. It would be a Nemesis! Its classic ride and straight forward feel deliver something that is hard to mimic, an opponent that is hard to conquer.

Jurian Elstgeest – General manager 361º Europe

Find out more info at: https://www.361europe.com/en/nemesis