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We have our own Team of obstacle racers (The Nuclear Races Team) who are passionate & obstacle hungry. They take part in races & events all over the UK flying the Nuclear flag, spreading the mud & having muddy good fun along the way. Each team member has reasons why they love obstacle racing. Meet Jackie Stretton, who at 28 years old has an amazing, inspirational story proving that if YOU are DETERMINED, you can achieve ANYTHING!

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“In April 2012, I was involved in a very serious car crash. I was driving to work, when I was hit by both a stolen car and the police car pursuing it at 80mph. Luckily I have no memory of the accident. I just remember waking up in hospital unable to move – and strangely, being excited about the fact that they had bran flakes and sugar for breakfast!

I was unable to look after myself for a number of months after leaving the hospital. I was in a full length leg cast and restrictive back brace and couldn’t even lift myself off the sofa. I wasn’t able to sit for a few months due to the pressure on my back – I could only lie down or stand for very short periods.

With very little aside from day time TV to keep me company, I spent a lot of time online, looking at races I would never be able to compete in. I’d had dreams of becoming a sponsored adventure racer, competing just a few days before my accident. I was devastated.

I was absolutely determined that I would not be beaten by two thieves who had stolen a car, and my sheer stubbornness drove me onwards and upwards. I spent every day doing exercises to rebuild my strength, and fitness became my focus. I had a goal to work towards and it made all the challenges worthwhile.

By October, I had worked hard enough to enter my first running/ cycling race and surprised everyone when I won it. I burst into tears with happiness. I had proved that when you really put your heart into something and dream big, you can achieve what some might call the impossible”

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