This year I am planning to do 30+ marathons throughout 2016. It started off because a friend had done 15 marathons throughout 2015, so I thought something like that would be good idea, although I hadn’t originally thought about doing 30. The plan just fire balled as it got to 15/20, and then finding other marathons to do, and so on. I think currently it stands at 38 which I know is a bit of a random number and as yet I but don’t have any plans to try and get it to 40, think I’ve got enough marathons at the back end of the year without trying to add any more onto it.

I have currently done 17 throughout the year in all manner of places throughout the UK and across Europe, there’s 21 more coming up; Athens & 2 marathons in New York.

I had previously done marathons before setting this challenge, my first marathon was in Manchester April 2015 and by the end of 2015 I had completed 9 marathons & 45 ultras.

I first got into running due to the illness of my mother as she was diagnosed with cancer. My sister had done a Race for Life & raised some money doing that and I quite fancied doing something similar. How I decided to sign up for Nottingham half marathon 2014, I am still not sure as I had been doing occasion runs, but no great distances up to 3-4 miles maybe.

I completed the half marathon at Nottingham & felt good about it, I managed to run all the way throughout which I was quite impressed with. I now wanted to do something further than the 13.1 miles and luckily there’s a 30k on Valentine’s weekend 2015. So signed up for that.

It was a very hard course; but got round and completed it. I then looked at other marathons and Manchester was still available and before I knew where I was I had signed up for that. As they say the rest is history really. I enjoyed the marathon and I have continued doing marathons ever since.

Nearly all my marathons since the first marathon have been for charity and mainly Sarcoma UK, as that’s the cancer that ultimately my mother died of. I have raised £2200 since the half marathon in just over 2 years. If you would like to make a donation then please see my link below.