On Saturday January 30th, 2021, Florian Neuschwander is attempting to break the 100km world record live on Zwift and we’d love for you to join him! Florian is a German ultrarunner and has competed in the German Championships and previously broke the 50km world treadmill record – this time Florian has his eyes set on the 100km world record title. Designed for runners of all abilities this challenge will enable you to reach your personal fitness goal this year alongside Florian.

On January 27th, 2021 ahead of his world record attempt Florian will be hosting a social run with a training session on Zwift at 18:00 GMT

To get involved, follow Florian on the Zwift Companion App. When you enter Zwift there is the ‘join another Zwifter’ option, Florian will appear near the top of that list, click the name, and set Florian as a favourite so you are notified when he starts running on Zwift. You can now join Florian for his training and for the challenge attempt on the day.

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If you can manage to keep up with Flow for the entire 100km run (good luck!), then you’ll also be the proud holder of the 100km Treadmill World Record!

The Zwift app is free to download on iOS and Google Play, so all runners will be able to run for free without subscribing to the app. In order to use the Zwift app on a treadmill, runners will need a Bluetooth enabled footpod, such as the Zwift RunPod, or a Bluetooth enabled treadmill.