Sebastian Kienle did what he came to do and took the win at CHALLENGETURKU this weekend. The 250 points earned in Finland have increased his total to 1300 points and he now shares the lead with Pablo Gonzalez Dapena. The Spanish triathlete came second in Turku, earned 200 points and increased his total to 1300 points. Yvonne van Vlerken did a great job at CHALLENGETURKU by finishing in third position. She’s now well in the lead in the female ranking with a total of 1075 points.

It was a great race for Kienle. He came out of the water some minutes behind the leaders, but was really powerful on the bike and run. He caught up with all his opponents, took the lead on the bike and maintained his position for the whole run. Gonzalez Dapena was second off the bike and similarly defended this position through to the finish line. The Danish athlete, Daniel Baekkegard came third in Finland and earned his first 150 points of the season.

At this stage of the season, there are two athletes sharing the lead in the men’s rankings. Sebastian Kienle and Pablo Gonzalez both have 1300 points. Dylan McNeice maintains third place, 300 points behind the leaders with 1000 points in total. McNeice didn’t compete at CHALLENGETURKU so couldn’t earn points for the ranking.

You can check the full male standings here:

Female rankings

In the women’s rankings, Yvonne van Vlerken earned a further 150 points as a result of her third place at CHALLENGETURKU. She now has a total of 1075 points and enjoys a relatively comfortable lead. Van Vlerken’s closest rival, Katrien Verstuyft didn’t compete at CHALLENGETURKU so couldn’t improve on her 780 points. Lucy Charles holds on to third place with 775 points despite also not competing in Finland. Similarly, Daniela Sämmler and Laura Siddall also didn’t compete but maintain 750 points and share fourth position.

Sarah Lewis from Great Britain took the win at CHALLENGETURKU. She added 250 points to her total and currently holds 7th place in the ranking with 520 points. Kerry Morris came second, earned her first 200 points and has entered the ranking in 24th position.

You can check the full female standings here: