KT Tape Pro

Need support that will endure your toughest workout? KT TAPE PRO is just what the trainer ordered. It will keep you pain free and supported exactly where you need it. KT TAPE PRO will stay in place through multiple demanding workouts for up to seven days. KT TAPE PRO will stick with you in the harshest conditions including daily showers, humidity, cold, even in the pool.

KT TAPE PRO is performance engineered to work in the harshest environments. It’s the world’s only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, re-engineered with stronger adhesive, to out last anything you can throw at it.

Each box comes with 20 precut strips of 100% synthetic tape. One hard plastic carrying case with twist on lids to keep your tape in good shape in your gym bag or purse. One Quick Start Guide with step-by-step instructions on the most common injuries and one KT sticker.


I am not a new user to Kinesiology tape and it has helped me through several races and long training sessions in the past, so I didn’t need to be ‘converted’ with its use, although I had never used KT TAPE.  I also decided that unlike before, I would have a go at applying it myself.

The first thing I noticed was the plastic case that it was packaged in; a great idea as it means the roll of tape doesn’t get bashed or ‘fluffy’ in my running kit draw.  The simple print on the tape ensures that the user gets exactly the right amount of stretch whilst the pre-cut strips with rounded edges prevent it from peeling and fraying, which means you can apply it on the go, with no need for scissors.  Also, the pre-scoring allows you to split the tape as instructed in the videos.

I applied the tape specifically for shin splints and ankle weakness.  Conveniently, the tape is packaged including a pictorial instruction sheet, giving you a basic demonstration of application, however I preferred the videos on YouTube which I found fantastic and fully recommend. I’m aware that in the past, users may have experienced a few issues keeping the tape stuck down, however rubbing the surface of the tape into place with some friction ensures that KT TAPE is well and truly stuck.  In fact, I found that mine stayed on longer than a week, even with daily showers and a swim with the kids!

Personally, I found the tape ideal for both my injuries and allowed me to continue to train and assist recovery.

So would I use it again? YES!! It is the best tape I have used and as it comes in many colours those who like to be coordinated will find a colour that suits.

I also gave the tape to my sports masseuse, who has now used it on other clients; they too have been really impressed with it, so much they have gone out to buy more!