Fernando García-Guzmán Blanco (Director of Marketing, Commerce and Logistics for Aquaservice) and Javier Guillén (General Manager of La Vuelta)

Aquaservice, Spain’s leading company in the distribution of natural mineral water and refreshments through the use of dispensers has announced today that it will be an official sponsor of La Vuelta 21 and of the next three editions of the Spanish Grand Tour. This means that the company will be the official water supplier for La Vuelta until 2024 and will distribute over 90,000 litres of water during this edition’s 21 stages.

Aquaservice’s participation in La Vuelta will allow us to prevent the use of over 180,000 disposable single-use plastic bottles that are usually consumed throughout the 3-week competition, thanks to its circular service water dispenser model.

La Vuelta, thus, becomes the first Grand Tour in which disposable single-use plastic bottles will not be used, by implementing a solution that reduces the plastic waste derived from water consumption. This will be achieved thanks to Aquaservice’s distribution system, reusable bottles and dispensers where users will be able to refill. All of this will make La Vuelta 21 the most sustainable and circular edition in its history.

Fernando García-Guzmán Blanco, Director of Marketing, Commerce and Logistics at Aquaservice stated: “Aquaservice is a zero environmental impact company, so our collaboration with La Vuelta is a natural alliance. This agreement will allow us to drastically reduce the use of plastic that is normally generated by a massive sporting event such as La Vuelta, and to contribute towards making it the world’s most sustainable professional cycling competition.”

On his part, Javier Guillén, General Manager of La Vuelta, highlighted ‘the importance and the impact’ of this agreement: “When it comes to making La Vuelta more sustainable, there can be no half measures. This agreement has an incalculable value in terms of the work that goes into reducing the race’s environmental impact. Aquaservice shares La Vuelta’s principles and objectives in continuing to evolve as a responsible and committed event. We are thrilled and excited to work together towards this common goal,” he explained.

Aquaservice accompanies the peloton

As the official water supplier for La Vuelta, Aquaservice will accompany the peloton in every stage of the competition, and the company’s dispensers will be present at the departure and finish-line areas. Furthermore, Aquaservice will install a tent in the Parque Vuelta’s fan zone with several activities for those in attendance.

During the three weeks of racing, Aquaservice will provide its water dispenser services to the 23 cycling teams, to the organisation, to the Spanish Civil Guards and National Police Forces who will provide security, to the visiting public and to the accredited media. This travelling caravan moves between 2500 and 3000 people across the Spanish geography every day.

A circular model with zero impact

Aquaservice is the only brand that offers a grand scale 100% innate circular solution for bottled water in Spain. It has been this way since its creation in 1997, when they developed a business model based on recycling and reusing the bottle materials, as well as the dispensers. Aquaservice is also the first company in the water sector that is 100% carbon neutral in all of its operations – from the spring right up to the consumer. It has achieved this by compensating the entirety of its carbon footprint by planting 8000 trees in Spain and by helping to preserve the Amazon.

The agreement ties in with the goal of being the most sustainable edition of La Vuelta. All the parties involved (organisation, sponsors, collaborating commercial brands, athletes and security forces) commit to making a joint effort in order to launch actions that will guarantee the minimum environmental impact along the territories and natural spaces visited by the race. Unipublic has worked hard to reinforce this in recent years, with numerous actions and initiatives. In 2020, La Vuelta received the Erronka Garbia certification, approved by the Basque Government, which recognises events that integrate environmental measures into its design and organisation in order to minimise potentially negative environmental impacts upon the natural areas associated with its celebration.