Review by Toni Wade aka @FlamingCopper

I have a confession to make…..I have never owned a proper sports bra. Crazy I know but usually I just wear a normal bra with a sports crop top underneath.

When I first put the Dynamix Star on, I thought blimey this is tight (although was reassured that it would feel like this after not actually wearing one!). It was very comfortable though and fit correctly in all the places a bra should. Next test was to take it for a run!

I decided to test the bra on a training run, a 5km run around my local village. There was no rubbing or chaffing and the bra provided lots of support that I didn’t even realise I had been missing out on. I felt like I could run a little faster because the puppies stayed in place (yes that’s what they are called lol!)


I wanted to make sure I’d tried it on a longer run so I wore it for the Yorkshire 10 mile event. I was dubious, expecting it to ride up as my crop top often did. I was pleasantly surprised to realise it hadn’t budged or rubbed at all and was very comfortable for the whole distance.

I would definitely recommend this bra to anyone, especially if you have a wide back like myself as the support offered was great!


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