“NEW & EXCLUSIVE Pure Lime Moulded Sports Bra

An underwired sports bra with lightly padded cups and adjustable straps with a racer back option using a clip.  Lovely looking sports bra for high impact activities to a B cup and medium impact activities for a C+ cup.

Now in stock in black and white; available to pre-order in NEW pink for delivery September 2015

Sizes:  32-40 A-DD”


A review by @_jen_mo:

I have to admit I’m rather picky when it comes to a sports bra. I’ve had a few that I’ve worn once & never touched again and we all know that can be a bit pricey. They seem comfy & then once you run in them it can be very different.

I was in need of a new one as my favourite old faithful has been discontinued. I am a 34c and I like a padded bra & a sports back; there are not many of these available. I have had a problem with bras chaffing my back too so I like a bit of padding around the clasps.

I had a chat via email with the lessbounce team about what I should get as I wasn’t sure which one to go for & they were very helpful. If you are unsure which bra is right for you I would highly recommend contacting the lessbounce team; they will talk you through it and help you find one that’s right for you. They recommended the Pure Lime for me.

The lessbounce team are wonderful and picked exactly right. The bra fitted really well. The back clips together to make a sports bra type back which fits well behind my running vests.

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I have worn it on a few runs already, including a 10 mile run & I felt well supported, it was very comfy and no chaffing too! I wasn’t sure the moulded cups would be good as I am used to a bit more padding but I felt very comfortable and the moulded cups are enough to prevent the ‘smartie smuggling’ look.

I would recommend this bra for any runner. I have it in black, it also comes in white and I have just seen that it is available for pre-order in pink- available in September (I do love pink).

 0094-6170_Moulded Trainer Bra_Pink-Black (2)

To get your hands on one of these bras keep your eye out for the ukrunchat competition launching on Friday, August 21st.

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