Review by Katerina Tanti

Twitter: @katerinatanti

There is only one brand of sports bra I normally wear which I buy from the USA. In all honestly I don’t need much support as I’m only a 34A but saying that I still need some support even if it is light. I go for the padded type so that there is enough…ahem…cover of the different parts that may show through a sports top!!!

I tried the Shock Absorber Active Shaped Support Sports Bra. I thought the design was quite attractive having the blue cups inside the mesh material which covers the outside. Quite easy to adjust and clip the back I was ready to try it out on a 13km run around Richmond park. The bra was comfortable throughout the run without really having to think twice that I was wearing it! It fit me quite nicely and made a nice change to the bra I had been using which I had to fit over my head as didn’t have any clips at the back like this one.

I also tried it on a 60km bike ride and again I have to say it was very comfortable and didn’t find it rubbing or chaffing at any points. I race triathlons and I’m not convinced I would use it during a race when swimming is involved, as I’m not sure how fast it dries, but I would be very happy wearing it while running or cycling.

ACTIVE SHAPPED SUPPORT fronte black neon