Review by Nicola Jennings

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The Shock Absorber N109 High Exertion Sports Bra is a traditional, classic style of sports bra. It offers high support in all sizes, right up to an H cup. The non-wired style has an updated classic design whose seam structure on the cup gives a rounded silhouette. The N109 sports bra has wide padded and adjustable straps for a perfect and comfortable fit. The bra also has a soft, wide underband and non rub hook and eye for maximum comfort. The matt, microfibre fabric is machine washable and high front ensures no escaping cleavage.

After receiving my bra (34DD), my first impression was one that included the following thoughts:

Standard uninspiring design

Not hopeful in it providing sufficient support

Happy with the colour of black


I decided to test this bra in several differing scenarios; long run over over 13 miles, trail run, speed session, crosscountry race, torrential rain and dry conditions. After each wear, the bra was washed by hand and allowed to dry naturally.


The long run

This was the first test. Perhaps foolish (or brave) considering I very rarely test a product on a long run before I’ve tried a shorter one. Firstly the fit was excellent. A quick jump around confirmed the support appeared good too. The long run was a mixture of terrain and the weather could only be described as biblical. I experienced no chafing or soreness over the 14 miles. Pace was easy and support was good for such a run. I was very happy with its performance.


Speed session

This was a 5 mile run involving speed repeats. Again the weather was horrendous. The support during the warm up was good. However, I did feel that less support was felt during the speed sections. At one point I did wish I wore my ‘old faithful’. There appeared to be a little more movement compared to my other bras. Again, no chafing was felt. Overall I felt it performed adequately but room for improvement.


Cross country race

I had no intention of using this bra for the race based on the speed run experience. However, due to poor organisation, it was the only one I could find. It turned out to be perfectly fine. The support over the 6k distance was good, no chaffing was felt and it provided enough protection from the bitterly cold but dry weather of minus 3 Celsius – with only a vest top for additional coverage. It did not retain too much sweat and was not uncomfortable for the 2 hour journey back (no changing tent available). Overall, pleasantly surprised with performance but I would have felt more comfortable with a slighter firmer support..


In conclusion

This bra does provide good support for +D for the majority of run types. However, I do feel that a bra with firmer support is required for the more vigorous of training runs. I shall be using this bra in my current training programme.

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