We set off on the 29th June from Chitipa on the Zambia border in the North West of Malawi and finished in the South, Marka in the Nsanje region on the Mozambique border.

The run itself has been so life changing to witness that level of poverty day in day out has been completely eye opening.
Malawi is just so beautiful from the mountains in the north to Lake Malawi and the countryside en route – the highlights were the children that joined us along the way – each morning children would just start running with me as they went to school – many in barefoot or flip flops – there are so many talented runners here.

The day would start at 4.30am and I’d start running at 5am I would run half a marathon breakfast then run the other half with a small break most days the running was completed by 10.30am this was to beat the heat – as the afternoons got quite hot.

The afternoons would be spent playing with the children at the schools where we camped, giving out footballs and football kit that were kindly donated by KitAid.

The team that traveled with me are the founders of FOMO Mary and Keith and the team from FOMO were fantastic and made this adventure so successful and special!

The mind set I needed throughout the run on days when it was so hot, the mountains I ran up, no showers, diarrhoea, camping, injuries I just broke it down in smaller stages and kept fighting and focused to keep moving forward – the donations, children and the vision for the science block have given me that extra drive.
I’m not someone that lives in the gym, or on a strict diet I have the same insecurities and worries as most people – I hope that running Malawi proves that so many people can achieve something like this – that with determination, passion and drive we can all create something special.

Being in Malawi has taught me so much that no one chooses where or what you are born into, I can’t get my head around how some people have more opportunities than others – so many of the children that ran with me were so young and clearly were talented runners.

In Salima The British High Commissioner Michael Nevin joined me for 5kM and in Blantyre the Mayor Noel Chalamanda which was great.

We’ve nearly raised 33k and the science block has started to be built, together we’ve created something special – education is so important and I hope this run has inspired others to make a difference.

I really can’t believe how your body adapts to that level of distance, you can have moments you feel tired but the adrenaline keeps you running – I don’t feel shattered I feel like what’s next ? I hope to now run John O Groats to Lands End.

Our target is 35K so we have a little way to go but we are getting there – I hope people are inspired to donate what ever they can afford.

The highlight of the trip was meeting GaniZani 12 who stopped going to school he could not walk instead dragged himself along the floor – he was to heavy to be carried any longer, after the run we re visited him to donate a wheel chair.

Read the article here http://malawivoice.com/reach-out-and-touch-brendan-donates-wheelchair-assorted-items-to-a-chikwakwa-pupil-he-met-during-his-runmalawi-marathon/

The run itself was 708miles in 27 days – (equivalent to running 27 marathons in 27 days) 

Please donate www.justgiving.com/helpfomo35 or text donate FOMO99 £1 – £10 70070