Here is a report on the Inaugural Lossiethon, a Half Marathon around the beautiful town of Lossiemouth.  It starts and finishes at the gates of RAF Lossiemouth and the aim of this race is to raise funds for SSAFA.RAF Lossiemouth

There were only 39 runners, it’s always hard to get the entries when it is a new run, plus there had been a race the day before, however the day was beautiful if a little warm.  After the race brief, the runners were all instructed to go over to the start area, the start was a bit of a shock, as everyone was milling around and fiddling with their Garmins, the organiser suddenly went 3,2,1 GO.  Everyone quickly started their Garmins and off they went.

The route left the camp turned right along the cycle path for a half mile, then right again on to a road towards the Historic Duffus Castle.

You went past the castle and at the end of the road turned right Duffus Castletowards the town of Duffus, after a few miles, you turned right again onto a long straight that climbed for a mile until you came to Lossiemouth Lighthouse.  At this point you get an excellent view of the beach and Lossiemouth town, as the next part of the race is a 2 mile downhill into the town.Lossie Lighthouse

Once in to the town you do a short circuit and finish back at the camp gates.

This was a very nice race, it was a bit warm on the day but very scenic and relatively flat, so ideal as a first HM.

If you want to see results or pictures please click this link