Meet runners in our community training for ASICS Manchester Marathon.

@dazstaley – #sub330

Running history: I’m 38 years old, I live in Berkshire with my wonderful wife and 3 crazy daughters and I work as a dog handler in the police.

I have been running since March 2016 when I discovered parkrun and from that moment I was hooked and captivated by the friendly world of running. Of course, I wanted to improve on my first parkrun time and so found myself a 5k running plan and followed it for 10 weeks. I loved everything about it; the structure, the daily challenges, the new experiences and each Saturday morning the excitement of race day and the drive to improve on last week. My enthusiasm for running and racing moved onto 10ks, half marathons and then running my first marathon in December 2016 which was an amazing challenge and experience.

Goal for Manchester marathon: My goal is to run sub 3h 30mins. It’s a big challenge but it’s exciting to have something to aim for and keep me focused.
daz staley
How has January training gone? January’s training has gone well and it has been nice to approach it having been through it before, as I learnt so much from training for and running my first one. It’s been good fun taking on the winter weather conditions, which adds to the challenge and leaves you with double the sense of achievement at the end of your run. The motivation is high amongst the UKRunChat gang and it is inspiring seeing all the achievements each day. I can’t wait to meet up with lots of these runners at Manchester on April the 2nd.

I have been recording my journey to Manchester Marathon through my vlog which I post every Sunday. To check out my running, experiences, training and tips to stay motivated have a look at my YouTube channel

@JenningsNicola – Ultrarunner

Running history: I started running straight from the couch at the end of 2013 and spent 2014 doing a race a month for charity. In 2015 I did my 1st marathon and ultra (50K). Moving onto 2016 I have completed two more marathons and 4 more ultras from 50K to 80K. I don’t train for races; I have just concentrated on mileage rather than pace.

Marathon PB: 4:23 in April 2016.

nicolaGoal for Manchester marathon: My original aim for the marathon was to hit one of three goals: 4:10, 4:00 and 3:50, with the more realistic goal of 4-4:10 being the main focus. I sprained my ankle in December, after recovering from a quad strain in September, a 50 miler in October and then illness in November, so the time goal has been sidelined and now it’s all about doing the best I can based on my current circumstances.

How has January training gone? I am now recovering from the sprain with a steady return to running. Marathon training started 16th January with a 12 week plan.

Week one consisted of:
• Monday – 2 mile run/walk with sister. 12mm pace
• Tuesday – rest
• Wednesday – 3 x 5 min sprint @7.16-7.43mm pace. Total of 9.5 miles
• Wednesday – 2 miles run/walk with daughter. 13.5mm pace
• Thursday – rest
• Friday 16 min tempo @8mm pace. Total of 5 miles
• Saturday – Parkrun with daughter @14.2mm pace.
• Saturday – Tegg’s Nose hike with 1,400 feet climb.
• Sunday – 12.5 miles with 1,300 feet climb with ultra kit @10.3mm pace

Total running mileage for the week = 33.8 miles, climb (without hike) 2,290 feet.

Overall I didn’t hit my speed session targets due to ankle pain and chronic stitch but I am still happy with the week all things considered. I feel a bit more confident about running now.

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@JonW_NewRunner – First Marathon

Running history: Last year, I realized that my weight was getting out of control (at the time I was 19 stone 12 with a 44inch waist) so I decided to join a local gym and started to train and go on the treadmill. I had to stop after 4 minutes as I was just too tired. So I went away and set myself a target of being able to run 5km non stop, which took several weeks of effort, but I finally managed to complete my first 5km treadmill run in 33:43.Once I got to 10k on the treadmill, I braved my first outdoor run, and started running three times a week.jon w

I continued to build up my distance but had made the same mistake a lot of new runners do of increasing my distance too quickly, so I developed some hip pain and I’ve also had Achilles pain and a calf strain this year. Rehabilitation work in the gym has helped though.

I only did my first race – the Robin Hood Half Marathon – in September, but I’ve done a few races and parkruns since. I’m also now a member of the Worksop Harriers running club.

Goal for Manchester marathon: As this is my first marathon, my goal is 4:10

How has January training gone? January training has gone really well. I’ve had to work really hard to re-gain my fitness after being injured at the end of last year. Completing a 19.5 mile training run has been a real confidence booster and I’ve done over 200 miles for the month as I’ve set a 2017 target of 2017 miles. I have two more half-marathon races coming up in February and March and really hope to go sub 1:50.

@sherieamore1 – 9th Marathon

Running history: I have a confession to make. My name is Sherie and I am a runner! I run for many reasons – for fitness, for enjoyment, for time to myself and also to see how far I can push myself. I can’t run fast but I can run far and this is why my favourite distance is the marathon. I have run 8 marathons so far and will do my 9th in Manchester and my 10th in London, both this coming April. Training had been up and down so far. A very busy year work-wise, followed by a relocation last summer meant that in the second half of last year running was lost to life! As a result I have had to build back up from zero to marathon ready again! In the main I have been sticking to a plan that the fabulous @shellmoby wrote for me but the distance running aspect of the plan was lost due to time constraints until January rolled around.

Marathon PB: 4:22

Goal for Manchester marathon: Sub 4:20

sherieHow has January training gone? In terms of feeling marathon ready, January has been a great month for me. Having ran little more than a 10k for about 6 months I resolved to get a half marathon distance run in, as well as more long runs on tired legs to help mimic the state of running in a marathon. My distance for January is around 70 miles – nowhere near what I want for a marathon training month (that will be around 120miles) but I did 32 miles in one week, which has given me the confidence boost I needed to get back out there regularly again. I now know that I am still capable of the long distances and look forward to getting out there again! Next month is a big one for me – 120miles is the aim, as well as getting back into regular strength work in the gym which has always had such a positive effect on my running. I’ll report back on how it’s gone next month and in the meantime #runhappy!

@shellmoby – #sub4

Running history: I’ve been running around 15 years now (that makes me sound old!) but I’ve only been taking it relatively seriously since I reached my 30s. I realised that actually running is very good as a mental de-stressor, and because I needed to be around other likeminded people I founded a running club with my husband and some friends in 2010. Since then, I’ve qualified as a Coach in Running Fitness and now coach 3-5 times a week with the club and my own ladies’ running groups, and I’ve started to really push myself and experiment with different training so I can pass this experience onto others. I ran my first, and second marathons in London, after having my daughter, because I figured if I can go through childbirth how hard can a marathon be, and have since discovered a true passion for trail running. I need to go back to a road marathon to see what I’m really capable of however, as I’ve really improved all my PBs at other distances over the last 18 months so I don’t feel I’ve done the marathon distance justice just yet.

Marathon PB: 4:31 in April 2015.

Goal for Manchester marathon: I would love a sub 4 hour marathon. I know that sounds like a big jump, but my times at other distances (5k 23:09; 10k 48:48; Half Marathon 1:51) do suggest I can do much better if I can just build my overall endurance and maintain my fitness and speed endurance.

How has January training gone? It’s been so enjoyable. I actually started my marathon training back in December because I couldn’t wait to get started. January has been about starting to build in longer runs and build strength which I’m doing through hills and trail runs. I would really like to get back to the gym to do more specific strength training again but I always seem to shellprioritise running over other stuff because I love it too much. I coach running groups every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so sometimes those miles form part of my recovery, or sometimes like with the trail runs they are good for getting distance in. Every week I factor in a long run, a recover run, a tempo run and some intervals or hill efforts, then anything else is a bonus. The main thing is I’m enjoying it and seeing real progress, which is encouraging. I’m constantly tweaking my plan, which keeps me on track and motivated.

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