In a time where we could all do with one extra hour in the day to get things done, and when you’re looking for serious results from your training and nutrition routine, meal prep can feel like a long but necessary slog. If you want to get results AND reclaim some of your time back then the Musclefood #DoTheUnthinkable system is for you.

A complete food and fitness system, you get every single meal and snack for whichever meal plan you choose (see for details) delivered to your door. Filling in details such as your goals, and your weight, height and age, help to tailor the food choices available to you as well, so you can be sure that the calories and macros are right for your needs. And the newsflash that you have been waiting for – it’s tasty stuff. Really tasty. Great quality too, and really satiating. This system has helped me to get my eating routine back on track and enabled me to enjoy mealtimes again.

To support your journey through the fitness aspect of the plan there is a private members only Facebook group with regular live workouts and direct support from PT Steve and, of course, the #DoTheUnthinkable community. A DVD is also included in your plan to help kickstart your training routine, and if you’re feeling great and want to train outside of the #DoTheUnthinkable sessions within the plan, then go for it! Movement is medicine, after all.

This system is perfect for anyone – the complete beginner looking to make their first foray into the world of training and nutrition, the regular gym goer looking to tighten up their nutrition to bring their results to the next level, or the super busy looking to get back some time and routine within their training and nutrition . Whoever you are, if you’re looking for results then the #DoTheUnthinkable plan is for you. It’s affordable (I’ve done the maths – this plan saves me at least £15 a week based on an average weekly shop and day to day snacks), convenient and healthy, and with £10 off your order using code UKRUNCHAT10, there has never been a better time to make that choice to make a change, and join me and thousands of others that are Doing The Unthinkable. Let’s go!