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I have just signed up for a ma-hoosive challenge: Race to the Stones 100k in July!

I have been thinking about this for a long time, I wasn’t quite sure if I was brave enough to sign up or capable of doing that kind of distance. When I signed up I got that post sign up panicky feeling- my heart was beating fast; what had I done?!

It’s exciting & a bit terrifying but I think the best challenges are.

There are various options at both Race to the King (52 miles in June) and Race to the Stones (100k in July). You can run/walk/jog it in one go; do it over 2 days with camping in the middle; or do half the distance on Day 1 or Day 2.

Click Here for more info on Race to the King

Click Here for more info on Race to the Stones

I was debating whether to do the full Race to the King (RTTK) and Race to the Stones (RTTS) but I think that would be too much. I really want to do Race to the Stones so I decided to do one day of RTTK as that is marathon distance and that will be a good run in the build up for the big 100k.

There are quite a few of the #ukrunchat crowd doing RTTK and RTTS. Who fancies joining us on taking up this massive challenege?


I do worry about how much I’ve set myself. I never thought I’d be capable of doing something as epic as Race to the Stones. I think we can all achieve anything we set our minds to so I’m going to give it my best shot.

Here is my race Calendar for 2016:

23rd Jan 2016 Trailscape South 13.1
5th March Trailscape West 26.2
27th March 2016 Canalathon 50k
17th April 2016 Brighton Marathon 26.2
29th May 2016 Weald Challenge 50k
19th June 2016 Shrewsbury Half 13.1
25th June 2016 Race to The King 26.2
July 16th 2016 Race to Stones 100k
26th November 2016 NEPAL Marathon 26.2


My race calendar for this year has grown. I signed up for Brighton marathon 1st as there was so much excitement on Twitter about it last year- it looks like too much fun to miss out on. Then I signed up for Nepal Marathon. This is going to be an incredible week; it’s more than a marathon as we go out & volunteer with the local community and finish the week off with the marathon. It’s going to be an amazing week.

I signed up for Canalathon with the thought that it would be a good build up if I was brave enough to sign up for Race to the Stones. I signed up to the 2 trailscape runs as training for Canalathon. There is a group of friends doing Weald Challenge so that will be a fun day. And of course, I’ll be at the biggest tweet up of the year at the Ukrunchat Shrewsbury Half.

Click Here to join us at the Shrewsbury Half

So there it is- 2016 is the year of the ultra, some massive challenges and finishing off in Nepal! It’s going to be incredible and I’ll be blogging throughout the year to keep you all updated on my training.

I hope to see you at some of these races.  Let me know if you’ll be there & follow my progress here & on Twitter:

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Thank you so much for reading x