MYLAPS Sports Timing and GivenGain have announced an agreement to promote charity fundraising to mass sports events in the EMEA, Asia & Pacific regions. The partnership helps sports events to increase their social impact by giving back to the community.

MYLAPS will now offer and actively promote GivenGain’s charity crowdfunding service to event organisers through its online partner portal. MYLAPS will also add GivenGain to the branded apps that it supplies to partner events, allowing participants to access race times, leaderboards and fundraising all in one place.

Making events more memorable

According to GivenGain, the partnership is a win for event organisers and participants – and, of course, for charities.

“Organisers around the world are reinventing mass participation events,” says Marius Maré, Executive Director: Operations & Partnerships at GivenGain. “Giving back to the community is no longer an optional extra: it is becoming an essential part of the event experience – especially for the new generation of participants. By partnering with MYLAPS, we hope to bring the incredible benefits of fundraising to more major events in the EMEA, Asia & Pacific regions.”

“Enabling peer-to-peer fundraising with GivenGain’s seamless and innovative functionalities gives athletes a memorable experience that is social and shareable – before, during and after race day. This helps event organisers to drive signups and keep participants returning year after year.”

“At MYLAPS we strive to create the ultimate sports experience for everyone,” says Raymond Perin, Global Commercial Director Active Sports at MYLAPS. “For events we have a one-stop-shop solution offering a wide range of event services. This partnership with GivenGain helps events with their fundraising. We look forward to onboarding many events and supporting great causes.”

Ongoing support

“MYLAPS partner events across the regions include world-famous races like the Melbourne Marathon, the IRONMAN Europe series and the Hong Kong Marathon. MYLAPS timers will promote GivenGain to the events that they work with – and those that choose to add GivenGain crowdfunding to their events can expect a comprehensive white-glove service,” says Marius Maré.

“We support every level of the event, from the event organisers and charities to the participants, donors, and volunteers,” he says. “We also promote the event itself and work with all charities to maximise their fundraising. Next to that, we help participants with their fundraising efforts and create branded team fundraising projects for corporate partners.”