If you have just discovered UKRunChat and are starting to get involved with this fantastic community then check out our top tips below.

1) Ask any question you like via FaceBook, Twitter or our forums.  We have a very welcoming community of both new and very experienced runners who are happy to share their experience and knowledge with you.

2) Follow your new running friends back on Social Media.  This allows you to grow your support network, meet up with people at events and celebrate together.  It also really helps when you need a little motivational push as there is always someone on the other end of a tweet or status.

3) Pick a team! We have #teamred and #teamblue.  We often get asked how you should choose a team.  Its really very simple, pick a colour and then give the other team a bit of banter.  You could even buy a tech t-shirt here to show your new team colours off at Parkrun.

4) Join in the #UKRunChat hour.  These are every Wednesday and Sunday 8-9pm on Twitter.  Just follow the hash tag #ukrunchat for all the chat.  Use the hash tag at any other time to ask questions and interact with the community.

5) Share your experiences.  We have lots and lots of runners who love to read your blogs and share theirs too.  We often sign up to and pay for places at different events and products based on your recommendations as we trust other engaged and active runners.

6) If there is a tweet up in your area then get involved!  We love making these virtual friendships real.

We hope this helps you feel comfortable and confident to begin to interact with this fantastic community.