A first in many aspects was achieved by working collaboratively to make a difference and making the most of launching the news of the new sensation that is Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app that allows people from around the world to connect and talk. According to the creators “it’s a place to meet with friends and new people from around the world to tell stories, ask questions, debate and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics”. One Running Movement, McLEAR and Digilearning are early adopters of Clubhouse.

The announcement saw the partnership between One Running Movement, RingPay by McLEAR and Digilearning reveal the new way to work together in the active communities, social mobility and digital payment space as one to raise valuable funds for the UK Charity Digilearning through a new feature on RingPay.

One Running Movement was established to help create more active communities for all ages, inclusivity & the creation of healthy habits by working together. One Running Movement is on a mission, with their growing network of supportive partners and movers, to encourage #MoveForLife. Committed to create social change by utilising the power of movement to improve health, strengthen resilience, build mental health, raise awareness and increase overall confidence whilst creating a safe space to move for all backgrounds and sporting abilities is the main aim of ORM. 2021 sees ORM’s continued focus on Body, Mind & Planet, whilst committed to support essential movement and activity for all ages, now needed more than ever.

One Running Movement’s partnership with RingPay pioneers McLEAR, has been evolving over the years with both parties working together to drive the movement forwards and to increase regular physical activity for current and future generations to #MoveForLife

RingPay by McLEAR are the pioneers of the wearable payment technology for consumers and businesses, and have been adding essential features to their technology including their new RingPay Giving feature, launched in partnership with Parsnip. This feature has allowed for the three parties to work together to offer opportunities for disadvantaged children and young adults in the ever changing digital space to be equipped ready with skills for now and the future.

Digilearning is a UK registered charity dedicated to educating children, parents, and teachers with digital skills for now and the future. Social mobility and diversity in the workforce is at their core whilst equipping children to know the foundations of the online and offline world now and for the future.

The new RingPay Giving feature allows Ring holders to automatically send a micro-sized donation to their chosen charity when they make a purchase using their Smart Ring. Ring holders control how much they give using monthly donation caps. Any donations made to One Running Movement’s preferred charity, Digilearning will contribute to free technology education courses for children, young adults and adults. These newly designed courses, that ORM and Digilearning build together will have input and support from McLEAR.

Joe Williams and Rebecca Richardson, Founders of One Running Movement, said: “We are so proud of this new world digital space collaboration and excited about all working together whilst educating and supporting the future generations with our amazing partners.

“Making a difference is important to us all, launching this positive news on Clubhouse today is a first of its kind announced on a new platform designed to connect and talk. The leaders in their industry panel at 1pm today on Clubhouse ‘One Running Movement’ was the perfect place to announce the collaboration, with the aim to raise valuable funds together for this amazing charity.”

Lisa Goodchild, Founder of Digilearning Foundation, British Entrepreneur Top 100 added: “Currently there are 22% of children living in relative poverty in the UK and this number is growing. We must get to the root of the cause and ensure people have the essential skills to thrive in life and a concerted focus needs to be on our young, they are our future. This partnership will not only allow us to reach more disadvantaged children but it will drive home our ethos, that digital innovation is crucial and can bring amazing changes to our everyday lives, inspiring them to think outside the box.”

Daniel Blondell, Chief Operating Officer of RingPay by McLEAR said: “We are proud to be working with One Running Movement and helping all ages to #MoveForLife more, we have been a Foundation Partner since the start and are proud to continue into 2021. This new digital partnership and essential fundraising with ORM and Digilearning will bring a new element of social change driven by the growing active community. Our new feature RingPay Giving launched in partnership with Parsnip is the essential element to bring this all together and make it possible.”

McLEAR is one of the Foundation Partners and Powered by Partners working together with founders Rebecca Richardson and Joe Williams. Foundation Partners include Polar, Up & Running, New Balance, One Water, Planet-U Energy and National Pride, UKRunChat, Women’s Running, Run Mummy Run, Social Run Group, Breathe Unity and Social Chain.

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